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March 15, 2007
License change to GPL v2

All source code, binaries, documentation and any other deliverables released by OpenSubsystems project is now available under GPL v2 license as well as the OpenSubsystems commercial license. This is a change from the previous licensing conditions when GPL v2 and newer was an applicable open source license.

Open Patterns 1.0beta2

Open Patterns 1.0beta2 is the second public release of the repository of common application functionality patterns. The main focus of this release is to even further simplify steps required to adopt the list data pattern in applications. List data pattern allows accessing large amount of data in relational database in small chunks. It allows retrieving data page by page or directly accessing a specified page. Page represents several data items retrieved and displayed together. The page size is user and system configurable. The list data pattern portion of the Quick Start guide was greatly enhanced to navigate user through implementation of this pattern. Full changelog

Open Core 1.0rc3

Open Core 1.0rc3 is the new release of our middleware abstraction layer. This release focuses on simplification of the persistence layer implementation in applications using Open Core. Database schema classes were generalized to better support read-only schemas, database operation classes were simplified to remove redundant arguments and database factory classes were generalized to allow operations in any domain. Full changelog

OpenChronicle 1.0rc3

OpenChronicle 1.0rc3 is the new release of OpenSubsystems tutorial. The documentation and the source code were updated to take into account changes made in the latest release of Open Core. Full changelog

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OpenSubsystems provides thoroughly tested Java business components with simple design, reliable implementation and rich features. The consistent set of fully functional business components can be easily integrated to your applications to immediately provide high level business functionality such as security, search, inventory management and others. All components can be used directly with just Java Virtual Machine or using various J2EE application servers thanks to our Open Core middleware abstraction layer. You can use Open Core to easily develop your own components and quickly add many desired features thanks to Open Patterns repository of common application functionality patterns.

OpenSubsystems offers its products using open-source friendly dual licensing model. All deliverables are available under two licenses: OSI approved GNU General Public License (GPL) and OpenSubsystems commercial license. All our development processes, source code and our products are extensively documented and available for download, review and use to wide audience of business analysts, developers and testers. See for yourself what our featured customers do with our products. When you are ready, you can try the OpenChronicle tutorial. It provides complete source code and step by step instructions how to develop fully functional application with OpenSubsystems.

Featured subsystem: Open Patterns

Open Patterns is repository of common application functionality patterns allowing subsystems and applications provide often required but difficult to implement features with a minimal effort. Included functionality patterns usually cover all application tiers providing reusable persistence implementation, business logic and user interface design elements. Open Patterns includes for example list data pattern allowing to access large amount of data in relational database in small chunks; pattern to manage relations between generic data objects; pattern to manage order of the data in the relational database and using the user interface; background task invocation and execution pattern; advanced web user interface pattern providing elements such as scrollable table mimicking full-featured desktop alternatives, tabbed dialog controls, dialog layout management and advanced dialog controls.

Overview | Features | Quick Start | JavaDoc | Taglibs | Download | Latest version: 1.0beta2 on March 15, 2007

Requires: Open Core 1.0rc3 released on March 15, 2007